Angela Marie Pitra

December 26, 1997 our beautiful  baby girl was born. It was indeed the  greatest day of our lives.  Angela was perfect in every way . The most hair I have ever seen  on a baby , such a beautiful  round face, and a perfect complexion  too.  The pregnancy went well until the last month my blood pressure was always a little high and I developed a  skin rash , which is related to Allergies to pregnancy hormones.  We were so excited to start a family.

The first four months were wonderful Angela was a very happy, healthy, peaceful baby, exactly what we prayed for. All her well baby checks were fine and she was eating and growing and on the 90th percentile for the growth chart. I remember watching her sleep and she would smile so happily as if her Angel was telling her in her dreams that her mommy was watching.

In April Angela seemed to have colic and we changed formulas and used gas drops which seemed to help for a while. Angela would smile every chance she could, coo a lot and her favorite word she spoke was AHHHGUUU, which she would repeat after I would say "I LOVE YOU!" Many times Angela and I would practice sitting up and she did once, hold herself up, watching Blues Clues. A few weeks later she rolled over in her crib and twice when we were out visiting. We were so excited.

Around May She began to show signs of increase muscle tone, which concerned me but all the while she was rolling over and cooing and very alert. Early June was the first and last time I heard her giggle. A few days past and the crankiness was getting worse it seemed worse by the day. There seemed to be nothing I could do to make Angela relax except hold her and sing to her. She would not be comforted by anyone else but by Mommy or Daddy only.

The evening of June 21st was awful Angela would not sleep she would stiffen so straight, she would come right out of her chair. The crying was breaking my heart because I could not help her. The very next day we were admitted to the hospital and she underwent many blood test, 2 MRI's and a spinal tap, VEP, and an EEG. At that time Angela was finally given some medication that gave her some rest- KLONOPIN. It really worked and we all seemed to find a stable point. On June 29th we were told that Angela had Krabbes Leukodystrophy.

How in the world do we go on after being told that the very person we love the most, our child will suffer and die and there is nothing you or any specialist could do?

We did go on and Angela was our guide. We took one day at a time and Gave Angela every thing and anything, that she needed to be comfortable.

Twice a week we went to physical therapy. Angela did not like it at all. Week after week she would cry and cry. But as soon as Mommy picked her up she was all better. I would watch every move and my sweet baby and I would do our own therapy at home. Angela loved it Just as long as it was Mommy or Daddy helping her stretch and teaching her to Relax her muscles.

Mid to late August Feeding began to be a challenge and the crying seemed to be less frequent. Most meals would last about one to two hours. But as long as her little tongue was working I didn't mind the wait. Angela grew beautifully and her feedings were pretty stable she loved fruit and cereal mixed, especially loved peaches, beef noodle and green beans just like her Daddy. For a while we seemed to find our selves in a pattern, finally .No where near what I wished it could have been for Angela and I. But what we had was our own and very special.

Come September and October Angela was much more relaxed (floppy) which I knew it had to be Krabbes and things were progressing.

Angela seemed more at peace. I hoped and prayed that she wasn't in any pain. Of all the horrible things Angela went through, I thank God, to this day, because she never had any spastic seizures.

Many times I would become overwhelmed with the thought that she may be in pain and unable to express her self, but I know in my heart that she was listening to me and we had this connection that was and still is unbreakable.

Angela celebrated her first Halloween as a daisy. She was the most beautiful yellow daisy I've ever seen All the beauty and fragility found in all creation. Who would of known that in a matter of a couple Weeks our lives were to change again forever. We all thought we would have more time together. But again Gods plan is not always the Same as we would have wanted. 

                On a stormy November 7th night at 9Pm, Angela's breathing changed. I tried  to    make things better but then it hit me. This was more than another obstacle for us all to beat. I felt that God was preparing us for the day she would leave our arms. Our sweet Angela went to heaven on November 11th at 5:04PM while being held by Mommy and Daddy.

Our hearts will never be the same. Angela came and went with so much love around her and gave so much love. WE LOVE YOU ANGELA- FOREVER!


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