Total Perenteral Nutrition (yup, we lay people call this FOOD. Crackers, anyone?!?!)


Anti-coagulant to keep the lines from clogging


5% dextrose and water (what a simple term) used as a medium to carry all of the below into the bloodstream

Being pumped into her with the "plum pump" infusion system boxes: 

     Lorazepam (Ativan)



helps prevent Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD)


Steroid and anti-inflammatory


growth factor to increase white count


antibiotic to thwart the infection causing the fever while we wait for lab culture results


antibiotic to fight G-tube site infection


antifungal to fight probable fungal infection

The above are all predetermined by the doctors and pharmacists. I, the humble parent, administer the following in addition to the above: 


on her tongue to counteract yeast growth (She loves this!)


topical cream for g-tube site infection {She HATES this, so I try to always like a nurse to do it


Cream for sore spots on her neck similar to bed sores

 And, my favorite, the one they named after parents: 


Parent (patient) Controlled Anesthesia, or painkiller in a pump with a button that you can push when you need to.

  Julia's Journey: Update #9 8/26/98 day +6