In June of 1997, our daughter Haley was diagnosed with Krabbe's Disease. September 10, 1998, Haley passed away from this terrible disease. The reason we have named this page Haley's Hope is to convey our Hope for not only our daughter but also for those finding our page looking for support and information. It is our hope that this site may be as valuable to others as we have found in the friends we have met through the Internet. 


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Here are some new pictures from the 6th Annual Hunter's Hope Medical Symposium.  It is always so good to talk with new families and to cuddle their precious babies.  All of the families who have come together before, catching up on life and looking back at how we have all grown, what a blessing.  To talk to others who know first hand what you have gone through and what is ahead is always very inspiring.

Look at these faces, look at the love in everyone's eyes, could any one person ever ask for any more love and support that we find in each other???

6th Annual Hunter's Hope Medical Symposium Pictures

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Thinkin' Thoughts.......


I'm an Angel Now

 One night I cried to Jesus as I sat beneath the trees.

I looked into the open sky and hoped He'd answer me.

I'm lost dear Lord. I've traveled far but still I seam to roam.

Please light the way and lead me, Lord. I need to get back home.

I told him of my burdens and of the sadness in my heart-

That from His gracious love I'd never felt so far apart.

Why did you take my child, Lord? I cannot understand!

No longer can I touch her face or hold her tiny hand.

I'm angry, Lord. I'm missing her. I'm drowning in my sorrow.

Please help to heal my yesterday's and face each new tomorrow.

It was then I heard her gentle voice and I felt her presence near.

How I wanted so to hold her as I cried another tear.

She said, "Mommy, "I 'm an angel now, my spirit will be free.

I'm an angel now in heaven, so please don't cry for me.

I was chosen by our Lord above and now I'm in his care.

When you need me, look inside your heart. I promise to be there.

No one can ever take away our bond with one another

For I'll always be your precious child, as you will be my mother.

So if you cannot find your way or the road to home seems so far,

Just look up into the Heavens and I'll be you guiding star."

She said, "Mommy, I'm an angel now, my spirit will be free.

I'm an angel now in Heaven, no need to cry for me."




The most special thanks to Kiki. Without your eagerness I don't think we would have survived. You gave us strength when needed and always a shoulder to lean on. We are forever thankful.
Special thanks to all of Haley's Doctors, Nurses, and Therapists for their concerns and the time they made for us. Without the time and the human touch we would never have made it this far.
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